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Once again, the Amelia County School Board has decided to take itself out of the county to hold its annual retreat.

The June 13 event will be held in a Chesterfield County establishment because, according to school officials, there is no facility available in the county where the board can meet in private (although any meeting of three or more board members, unless so designated as a closed session for stated reasons as per the Code of Virginia and limiting any discussion to those specific, allowable topics, is open to the public).

However, anyone that interested in attending a board retreat would likely not balk at joining the board members and school officials in an out-of-county location.

It is likely a local restaurant owner would cater to the board if the board held its retreat in a school cafeteria, closed at least one day per week in the summer, or one of the available rooms in the school board building. There are churches and other facilities which would gladly offer space for the retreat if asked. A local restaurateur might even allow the use of his or her facilities on a day when the restaurant was normally closed.

If these retreats were held during the school year and held locally, the school board could even employ the culinary arts program at Amelia Nottoway Technical Center as the caterer.

Once again, the school board prefers to spend its money outside the county while at the same time asking county residents and business owners to support the public schools.

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