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Short sentenced to 15 years, has all time suspended

In a plea agreement, Mary Ann Short, 52, was sentenced to a total of 15 years, all time suspended, in Amelia circuit court Friday (Oct. 20).

Originally charged with nine crimes, including forgery, uttering and grand larceny, Ms. Shot pled guilty to three – one each of grand larceny, uttering and forgery – and was sentenced to five years in prison on each conviction. She will be on supervised probation for three years and on good behavior of 15.

Amelia Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Stewart Ball said Ms. Short was a caretaker in employ of the victim and she said she did not recall writing the four checks. Her former employer wants Ms. Short’s conviction to be on the record as a home health care worker, he said, and there was no order for restitution, meaning the victim would have to seek any restitution through the civil courts.

There is a “no contact” order with the victim, Mr. Ball said.

Judge Paul W. Cella found Ms. Short guilty and agreed with the plea deal.

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