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Price faces charges in Amelia and other localities

Noah Price

Noah Price

After his apprehension in Nottoway County near Blackstone on May 17 following a one-man crime wave, Amelia resident Noah Price, 21, faces a number of charges from different localities, including some from Amelia where he allegedly broke into a home and stole various items including a motorcycle and a trailer.

According to Amelia Sheriff Ricky Walker, Mr. Price was served Amelia warrants by Prince Edward County deputies while incarcerated in Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville on Wednesday (May 18). He is now charged here with the Monday (May 16) possession of a firearm by a nonviolent felon, second offense within 10 years; grand larceny of a vehicle; grand larceny; grand larceny of a firearm; breaking and entering with the intent to commit larceny; the possession of stolen property with the intent to sell and trespassing. Later both felony and misdemeanor probation violation charges were added to the list of charges from Amelia.

He is scheduled to appear in Amelia general district court on June 28.

In Nottoway, Mr. Price was originally charged with felony eluding police, the possession of a firearm by a nonviolent felon, second offense within 10 years and felony receiving or the possession of stolen goods. He is due to appear in Nottoway general district court on Aug. 8.

The Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office has since charged Mr. Price with burglary and destruction of property and has a hearing there set for July 5.

Cumberland County has charged Mr. Price with grand larceny of a vehicle and failure to appear in court which predate the May 16 incident. He will appear in general district court there on July 28.

Not found at press time were any charges related to the alleged theft of the vehicle from Lunenburg County, nor had the Nottoway commonwealth’s attorney’s office charged him in connection with allegedly shooting at deputies from the vehicle’s window.

In December, 2021 Mr. Price had some previously suspended time revoked for both felony and misdemeanor probation violations but had served that time and had been released from jail before the May 16 incidents.

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