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Dominion Energy employees make annual river clean up effort



This year, six Dominion Energy employees floated an eight-mile section of the Appomattox River in Amelia County to remove trash from the river. The volunteers launched from Oakmulgee Farm and took their vessels and collected litter out just below the Royalton Road (Rt. 609) bridge. The group encountered the same obstacle as last year, a massive tree fallen perpendicular across the river, completely blocking passage. The group encountered several additional trees (blow downs) across the river on their journey. As usual on this cleanup, they found numerous empty bottles, both plastic and glass during the day. “This trip found the river level lower than normal and very clear, revealing many vehicle tires available for the picking,” said retired Dominion employee Rick Hall (not pictured). Other participating employees who volunteered their time were: (left to right) Rob McKinley, Jeff Smith, Eddie Jenkins, Alexander Reilly, Jason Adams, and Isaiah Tomlin. Last, the group noted for next year, they would like to clean the lower section of the river, ending at Coverly Farm.

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